THE MANY SHADES OF Grantly Marshall, John Kenny and Paul Flush

THE MANY SHADES OF GRANTLY MARSHALL, John Kenny and Paul Flush is a music/poetry event featuring the poems of Grantly Marshall brought to life by the unique musical styles of world class musicians John Kenny and Paul Flush. One could easily argue that each member of the trio helps increase the value and bring out the uniqueness of theother's work. A true work of art.

grantly marshall Grantly Marshall

Grantly Marshall has been involved with poetry his entire life and has issued a volume of poetry in each of the last seven years in a series titled 21 POEMS FOR THE 21st CENTURY, VOL. 1-7. His unique, entertaining writing style features a variety of poems described as entertaining, refreshing and sometimes quite dark. This poetic evening is an insight into his innermost thoughts. He even breaks from the honoured opinion one has of poets, creating poems that are not necessarily a reflection of his own thoughts, but simply fun to write. And one, two or three of them are even in German.

paul flush Paul Flush

Paul Flush is a composer and a multitalented pianist whose fast moving fingers have sent sounds into the air which have entertained audiences in classical concerts as well as poorly lit jazz cellars. He began his career as a supporting artist for Billy Eckstine, Tony Hancock, Nancy Wilson and The Four Tops, and continued on to be Tony Christie's Musical Director. He has also formed and preformed with several jazz groups, and composed and directed many of the musical scores in AMERICAN DRAMA GROUP EUROPE theatre productions. With all three of these fabulous artists this will be an unforgettable evening as well as an introduction into the unique relationship of poetry and music.

john kennyJohn Kenny

John Kenny is one of the world's most famous trombonists, having played in orchestras and given solo concerts on many continents. As a multi-talented composer he has often collaborated with theatre and dancing productions; he is acting and playing instruments in one simultaneous rush of energy. John has rediscovered the Carnyx, an ancient Scottish horn played 2000 years ago and produced several CDs including one featuring Mr. Marshall's poetry. John Kenny is associate Professor of the Royal Academy of Music and professor at both the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London and The Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama.