What´s the point of having a guy, unless your heart beat jumps to the sky,
And the fire in your spirit burns faster than time, you´ve forgotton yourself at the drop of a dime.
And your body and mind leap from barge to barge as you hurdle through space on this magical charge.
You´re awake and asleep in a fantasy dream, all your worries have vanished to vaporous steam.
You reach out your hand and it´s always there, your nest suspended in timeless air!
You´re part of a being who´s part of yourself, you´re as tall as a giant and small as an elf,
The world is your stage and it sings along, each word and each verse from your endless song.

What´s the point of having a guy, unless he is caring each time that you cry,
And listens intently to things that you say, no matter the problems he´s had on this day.
He responds to the words from that voice in your soul, your mental health is his utmost goal.
And he knows when to speak or to silently gaze, he´s the grass in the meadow on which you can graze.
The hand holding yours you can bite or caress, he´s mister predictable, no need to guess.
He knows when to stay or to leave you alone, with a godly uniqueness never jealousy prone!
He´s your partner, your father, your friend and your son, and he plays these roles as though they were one.

What´s the point of having a guy, who can´t meet your standards and won´t even try!
Whose back is turned when his lusts are fulfilled, you feel like the milk which was carelessly spilled.
Who thinks that he´s giving, but can only take, his warmth is the fire as you´re burned at the stake.
Your children respect him, the father, the man, he´s the god and the leader, you´re in quarintine ban.
Your meal is the tiniest crust of the pie, his betrayls more numerous than pigs in the stye!
He´s your one and only who shows you your place, with his hideous insults and slaps on your face!
Who´s somehow convinced you it´s all your fault, you plead for forgiveness, more wounds and more salt!

What´s the point of having a guy, unless he is wealthy and willing to buy,
Those material joys helping blood to reflow, the silk-laced dresses, or perfumes of red rose.
The exotic vacation, the five star hotel, your concorde flight to the wishing well.
The dinners, the wines, the house and the land, the rubies and diamonds you wear on your hand!
With your hand on his balls and the keys to his bank, you´re never in need of a new place to tank!
And despite all your lovers, never tells you to pack, disregarding strange moments you´ve lain on your back.
You have written his will, helped him sign his own name, as your spirit is gorged by the wild and untamed!

What´s the point of having a guy?