What are you really good for?
Clutching a doll in your baby hand,
Tears dripping down in the box of sand.
Taught to be fearful of spiders and mice,
Always reminded you have to be nice.
Not very much to cheer for.

What are you really good for?
Pulled by your hair ´till you shreak with pain,
Flowers and books are your only gain.
Kept out of games that your brothers play,
Told you´ll be weaker than them someday.
Not a good thought to steer for.

What are you really good for?
Warned that all men want a certain thing,
Told to be wary of love in spring.
Don´t talk to strangers who smile at you,
Keep up your guard or you´ll pay your due.
Many things to shed a tear for.

What are you really good for?
Trying to compete in an all men´s world,
Your emothons explode like a flag unfurled.
„ She´s not a woman,“ they whisper aloud.
„ She´s some kind of dog, or an illtempered cow!
No man will ever be hers for!“

What are you really good for?
Torn between family and need of profession,
Love of career has become your obsession.
The cries of your children still ring in your ears,
The thought of demotion your one greatest fear.
Is it all worth it to fight for?

What are you really good for?
Life marches on and you feel pushed away,
Hair getting greyer with each passing day!
No longer noticed by men when you walk,
Noone is listening when you want to talk.
Groping for something to stand for.

What are you really good for?
Without you all mankind would cease to exist,
All earthly inventions would dry up like mist.
Don´t count on their praise for a labour well done,
But know you will ALWAYS be blessed by the sun!
You give it a reason to shine for.