Two armies of different dimentions coliding,
Two epochs of history in ongoing fray.
No medals are given for valour or honor,
No winners are crowned at the end of each day!

But even Verdun with her long gaping trenches,
Or all of the victories of Ceaser´s elite,
And Pearl Harbour and Stalingrad pale in the twilight,
Compared with the ongoing war on our streets!

To most it would seem it´s a mismatch created,
The mouse as it nips at the elephant´s feet.
As the two wheeled bicycles rush down the sidewalks,
And challange the cars in most certain defeat!

Protected by laws and their principles held sacred,
They scream and they shout giving vent to their wrath.
And they scratch, scrape and pound on their enemy´s surface,
Whenever he chances to stop in their path!

Of course there are those who are timid and sickly,
Who pedal so meekly in unhealthy fright.
Spurned on by the ones who are vanguards of freedom,
Who are sure they would die for the bicyclist´s rights!

It is seldom the case that they´re granted this glory,
Their contempt for the cars remain words of blind hate.
But sometimes the asphalt is hotly contested,
And the ambulance sirens are heard much too late!

It´s a hideous feeling to witness this moment,
The body, the bicycle smashed in a pile.
And even the enemy murmers a sermon,
But often these prayers just conceal a thin smile!