There´s more to a woman than just her smile or the way she combs her hair,
Or the clothes she wears in a natural way which give her that certain flair.
Or the way that she walks and carries herself, like the beauty of delicate flowers,
Or the hold on your life from cradle to grave with her indefinable powers.

There´s more to a woman than the way she responds to the darkness of the night,
When she pulls you close to her trembling lips and lets you hold her tight.
And brings you to life with her passionate powers which are part of a woman´s way.
Then curls by your side as the morning light reveals another day.

There´s more to a woman than the meals she cooks or the children she puts to bed.
Or the stories she tells when you fall asleep as she holds your little head.
And listens to problems you always have which you can´t seem to solve alone,
And makes you do the things she sees fit, with that certain commanding tone.

There´s more to a woman, yes very much more than meets the human eye,
Than the lines on her face and the tears of disgrace in the moments she feels despised.
But when all´s said and done you know you have lived, if the last thing you´re able to do,
Is to say to that woman who´s shared your life “I found that more in you!!”