I´m a modern person whose heart has been twirled, but whose head always seems to cope!
Though I´ve paid my dues to the ways of the world, I shall never abandon one hope.
That there somewhere exists on a farm, in a city that person just suited for me.
It would do great harm and be such a pity, if I squandered the chance not to see.

That person in question must show me compassion, but sense when to leave me alone.
Be handsome and beautiful, wear the best fashion, be sensitive down to the bones.
Be loving, a lover, both father and mother, a guide yes my beacon of light.
With protection and cover, never trying to smother, allaying the slightest of frights.

Always placing my ego on top of the list, all my whims and my fanciful ways.
Playing devil´s deciple, though when I insist, rushing blindly along on a craze.
Admiring the mirror, or smashing the mirror, paying homage whatever the mood.
Making night so much clearer, always me as the stearer, sharing passions and hungers so crude.

So I passed through the saunas and all men´s bars and held many a hand in mine,
I followed her scent to the beaches and stars, played the ritual of wine and dine.
Said yes to his kisses and other attractions often swam in her heavenly charms.
Sometimes thrilled or responding to inward reactions, then voila! I sensed an alarm!

That, that noble person had not been created, that god to whose arms I could flee.
Who would uplift my spirit curing sickness related, standing tall, a magnificient tree.
But why should I sink in a pit of remourse, reduced to the size of an elf,
When I know in my heart that the consumate force, is the love that I have for myself.

So if gays and lessies and can walk the aisle for the world to officially see, 1
Then why can´t I stand at the alter alone and swear „I do“ to me?
Let them call it a stunt those open minds who were sure they had seen it all,
For a moment surprized they would turn their behinds, feel disgust or just sneer at my gall.

But I´ll brush off their scorn with a flick of the wrist as I vow to be honest and true,
And to care for my needs with an iron fist keeping happiness fixed in my view.
Then we´d go on our honeymoon, myself and I, sun and laughter invited along,
Straying far from the glance of the public eye, redefining what´s right and what´s wrong.