The secrets to life are abundant and hidden in each person´s soul.
Love and our need for expression, the feeling of one special goal.
The desire to be great in achievement, to win more than loose in each strife.
But we´re blind ´till we´re blessed with the knowledge of how we must each turn the knife.

To live is to strive for sensation, to look for the greatest of thrills.
To feel a quick warmth in our bodies, combined with a heart-wrenching chill!
To witness the ultimate battle, where loss means expulsion from life.
And cheering with horror the victor who´s skilled in the turn of the knife!

Love is not love without hatred, laughter not real without tears.
Destroying is all part of building and needed to dampen our fears.
To wound and in turn to be wounded, be it lover, or boy-friend or wife.
Waiting for just the right moment, to give a quick turn of the knife.

Who are the heroes of history, those persons we look at as grand,
The ones who have built the best houses, or skillfully plowed up the land?
Or cured many deadly diseases, or wrote brilliant books we still read?
Or painted such beautiful pictures, do they really fill our worst needs?
No those who are most widely worshiped and looked at as bigger than life,
Who mankind will always remember, are the ones who have best turned the knife!