We meet in a bar or upon the street,
We smile at the stars as we drink and eat.
We grab for each other in desperate play,
Forgetting our names with the sun´s first ray.
But we´ve borrowed the night and now we must pay;
The price is the bad sex syndrome!

It´s me as a woman who suffers the most,
My lover unable to uphold his boast.
His enery´s gone in a burst of relief,
He´s released what he has with no more to bequeth,
And I´m all hot and bothered as I lie there beneath;
In the grips of the bad sex syndrome!

I scream in his face as he smiles in my eyes,
I detest his composure the truth turned to lies.
I reach for his hand as he pulls from the bed,
And ignores my frustrations as though I were dead,
I try to be friendly but still he has fled;
Leaving me with the bad sex syndrome!

I´m haunted by something I can´t seem to shake,
It´s like a disease with no pills one can take.
I can´t seem to focus on things I must do,
I´m cursed by a spell which was part of the brew,
My mind and my body are all out of queue;
How cruel the bad sex syndrome!

I find little comfort to think that my case,
Is not only my problem but shared by the race.
Which cannot be warned to take heed of the traps,
Or the hurdles abundant on each of life´s laps.
For in order to grow we must chart our own maps;
And face up to the bad sex syndrome!