The moment had come in our meeting, standing in front of her door.
I had to confront that decision, to leave or to try and get more.
I was sure there was something between us, but in truth I could not really know.
Could I hope for another encounter, if I simply turned now to go?

Or should I let instinct take over and try to continue the night?
And show her I wasn’t the person who’d meekly give up with no fight.
But would I then loose her forever, by desperately going for broke?
Would all of the things I had hoped for go up in a billow of smoke?

Don’t women all love to be conquered, to struggle and then to submit?
Aren’t we as men only respected, when we’re able to prove that we’re fit?
Is no really no when they say it, or do they just want us to guess?
Should we take what they say at face value, or persue ´till they finally say yes?

When men feel their life is behind them and add up the things to forget,
It’s the women who slipped through their fingers who head up their list of regrets.
I knew I must try for the moment, I shook myself out of my trance.
It was then that I saw she had left me, she had vanished and so had my chance.