If brilliance and genius would rule the world, an irrational globe it would be.
You needn´t explore the seven seas, but simply examine me!
I´m a skeleton sitting in front of the door which bears a famous name,
Grantly Marshall´s remains are enjoying your smile. a poet of lasting fame!

To my rear is a room with all of my verse which was written in martyr´s pain.
As I often rejected the joys of the flesh with the writer´s contempt and disdain.
In my ironclad will I gave the command that my works have a stately home!
But if the college should claim this gift, they must also accept my bones.

Three hundred years have passed to the day since my body was stripped away.
But people still flock to the room with my name giving praise with each word that they say.
When I had a heart, I had one great desire that my memory should never die.
And here is the proof that this wish has come true, the skull in the public eye!

Three hundred years I´ve been put on display, to guard my immortal works.
And millions have stared through the holes in my head where my dancing spirit still lirks.
But now little birds are twitting a song and my bones all rattle with fear.
That my once great name has now fallen to shame and I´m soon to be banished from here!

They say they have proof that all of my life I spent in a plagerous den,
And that most of the poems I claimed as my own were the works of another man´s pen!
Oh horror, oh horror, how how cruel is this world which seeks but to kill and destroy,
How can they steal from my tortured soul this hard earned fragment of joy!

While I lived I was often beset by a dream, which caused me to shreak with fright,
And to turn in my bed with a sweat soaked brow and to sleep no more that night!
That three hundred years from the time of my death my work would be torn and defaced!
And my bones would be ground and dispersed in the winds and my life declared a disgrace!