There are carrots and apples and peaches and pears,
And jams of all seasons and honey so rare.
There is bread, there is meat, there is coffee and tea.
Right there on the table, and ALL is for me!

„Come eat me, come drink me“ it all seems to say.
„ Enjoy while you can ´till the end of the day.
There´s more where this came from, you shant be in need.
Let free all your passions of avarice and greed!“

My resistance is broken, I pull up a chair,
And blankly stare on at the food that is there.
My thoughts are not focused, my hunger is numb,
My brain cells are lame like a man deaf and dumb!

„May I pour you a coffee?“ a voice whispers loud.
I turn then to face it, I look like a shroud.
So often in life I have slept without food,
But at this blurry moment am not in the mood.

„We must clear the table, the time´s drawing near.
Please eat or drink something the law IS quite clear!
We´re willing to help you in all ways we can.
Don´t sit and say nothing, please speak up young man!“

A small baby teardrop drips down from my eyes.
I give my tormentors a look of despise!
The food is cleared up at the sound of a bell,
I am dragged from the table and thrust in my cell!

The next time I leave it will be my last walk,
All the words that I utter will be my last talk.
Then a needle with poison will enter my vain,
And I´ll sleep my last sleep never waking again!

For the law is the law and they now want my head!
For a moment of passion I soon will be dead!
My cell door is opened, my killers are there!
I feel like the fox mudered inside its lair!