Maybe they were´nt the good old days,
But let´s imagine they were.
When the east was the east and the west was the west
And everything seemed so secure.
When right was right and wrong was wrong
And truth had a saintly ring.
And special persuits were playful and pure
In those frivolous moments in spring.

When success wasn´t based on dollars and cents
But on values of greater esteem.
And earthly possessions would pale in the twilight
Compared to our fanciful dreams.
And love was the moment we´d rush in our arms
In that cove near the wide open sea.
Devouring the time between twilight and sunrise
Transcending the her and the me.

Put to rest were all worries of what might go wrong
Dead the thoughts which dark, dangers inspire.
As the smoke from our passions was blown by the breezes
And our bodies consumed by this fire.
For as rational beings we all knew in our hearts
We could freely go in for the kill.
For she´d carefully prepared for this volcanic moment,
Safe guarding our fun with the pill!

But today´s modern world is a world of new rules,
Different kings now command different pawns.
And just at that instant when life demands life,
She asks us to please put one on.
Interrupted in battle, we fumble and bumble
Trying hard not to fall or grow tame.
It might well be true, we protect ourselves too,
Still, somehow, it´s just not the same.