Poetry always an integral part of Mr. Marshall´s life, has been now elevated to an even more central role. The trio of John Kenney, Paul Flush and Grantly Marshall have developed a music/poetry entertainment show which is regularly on tour. This show is reguarded by many as equal or better than anything Mr. Marshall has yet produced. Musical forms ranging from jazz to classic to contemporary are intertwined with a variety of poems both entertaining and intellectually demanding. This show continues to grow and develop with each performance as musicians Kenney and Flush often spontaneously add new elements to this blosseming flower. A must for lovers of the arts.

The show is many faceted. It can be enjoyed as entertaining. It works well as an introduction to poetry and can be performed in schools with a workshop for pedagogical purposes.

For information on the texts used in this program as well as how to book a performance please contact. Grantly Marshall or


Grantly Marshall